Want to help us reopen the historic East Broad Top Railroad? There are several routes you can take.

The all-volunteer Friends of the East Broad Top needs volunteers at every skill level. If you can paint, if you know your way around woodworking tools, if you can reglaze windows, if you can help disassemble locomotives or reassemble passenger cars, the Friends need you. Are you knowledgeable enough to give tours? Personable enough to help with holiday trains? Organized enough to help sort old parts in the storehouse or old documents in the station? Are you eager to try track work? The Friends — and the railroad — can use you! The Friends have monthly work sessions in Rockhill Furnace and in Robertsdale, and we’d love to see you there!

Donations to the Friends benefit the railroad as well. Members of the Friends have underwritten numerous projects at the railroad, from building stabilization to passenger and freight car overhauls. 

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to be able to make a larger contribution. We’d love to talk with you about opportunities to sponsor essential equipment — a new water system for the locomotives, for instance, or new passenger cars. Contact Lawrence Biemiller with your ideas!

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