Fall Reunion

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Celebrate the hard work and passion of the Friends of the East Broad Top!

The Friends of the East Broad Top are an invaluable part of the EBT. Join us in celebrating their hard work with a full schedule of unique programs, rides and tours! 

Some activities for this event are only available to those holding a Fall Reunion registration. Other activities are ticketed individually. All activities listed below are in addition to our regular excursion and tour schedule which can be found here

EBT Ticketed Activities

morning Freight run to Colgate Grove

M1 Excursion to Colgate Grove

M3 Excursion to Colgate Grove

EBT Activities Included in Registration

FEBT Dinner Train

Locomotive 16 at Picnic Grove Dinner
Special Event Fall Reunion

Fall Reunion Registration

Morning Freight Run

M1 Excursion

M3 Excursions

Groups of 20 or More: Please contact our station at (814) 447-3285 or info@eastbroadtop.com to book your reservation!

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