Track Cars


The Friends of the East Broad Top owns this original EBT handcar. It is the only remaining original EBT handcar.

The Spider

Built 1920

Fairmont Railway Motors

This car was presumably used just for track inspections because of it’s unusual design. In 1984 the FEBT made it operational utilizing some parts from another inactive speeder. After another overhaul in 2006, this car is back in operation. Interestingly, this car is believed to be a Fairmont kit based on its design, unlike the rest of our wooden speeders.

Big Jim

Built 1920

Fairmont Railway Motors

Big Jim was brought back to the EBT by the Friends of the East Broad Top after being sold not long after the shutdown in 1956. It was returned to service and has been used to transport materials for FEBT work crews.


Fairmont Railway Motors

This car spent several decades stored in the boiler shop before being restored during the spring of 2007 and returning to service in June of that year. At one point in time, it had a Fairbanks-Morse No. 39 engine.

The Flying Devil

Fairmont Railway Motors

The Flying Devil is seen here with the ruins of the Rockhill Furnace on the Rockhill Trolley Museum dual gauge track.

Fairmont Railway Motors

This is the only non-operating EBT speeder. When the Spider was reactivated in the 1980’s by the Friends of the EBT, parts were taken from this car since it has the same size engine. This car is kept inside the boiler shop and can be seen during shop tours.

The Casey Jones

Northwest Manufacturing

This is the only speeder on the railroad not produced by Fairmont that survived after 1956. This is one of two existing EBT speeders with a two-speed transmission for hauling heavy loads and is believed to be the only operating 2-stroke Casey Jones.

The Silver Sightseer

Built 1942

Fairmont Railway Motors

This large gang car has been the most used speeder of the EBT’s collection. This car once saw light work duties during the week with the EBT track crew when the steam trains are not running. The Silver Sightseer was originally open and equipped with a Ford model B engine, and the EBT shops later added the sheet metal enclosures. This is our only speeder that was not a 2-stroke and it is now equipped with a 1972 Vega.

The Ice Cube

Built 1947

Fairmont Railway Motors

The sides and rear of this car were added by the railroad shops sometime after purchase.

Lil' Phil

Built 1951

Fairmont Railway Motors

With the exception of having a two speed transmission, this car is mechanically identical to the Ice Cube.

Handcar HC-06

Built 2006

East Broad Top

Built by EBT staff from a kit, this new handcar replicates a Sheffield handcar.