Equipment Roster

The East Broad Top Railroad rosters a vast array of rolling stock. Click on the links below to view the different types of equipment we have preserved.

The East Broad Top Railroad was notable for only using steam locomotives during its common carrier era. Six of these magnificent machines survive to tell the story of bygone railroading.

While not original to the railroad, these diesel locomotives have become part of the railroad’s legacy. They often help with moving equipment and occasionally pull our passenger trains.

The railroad owns two one-of-a-kind gas motorcars that ferried people along the line.

With some pieces dating back to the 1880s, the passenger car fleet includes our coaches, cabooses, and open air cars.

A wide range of the freight cars that allowed the railroad to haul commodities including coal, ganister rock, lumber, and general merchandise survive as a testament to the railroad’s industrial history.

Track crews required dependable transportation to reach remote parts of the railroad to keep in maintained. These ‘speeders’ range in sizes, styles, and propulsion methods and showcase the evolution of track maintenance technology.

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