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The East Broad Top is many things — a delightful family destination, a National Historic Landmark, a great volunteer opportunity, an unparalleled preservation undertaking, and more. The railroad, which was built beginning in 1872, is the only surviving three-foot gauge common carrier railroad east of the Rocky Mountains. Now, we are proud to offer visitors from around the world the opportunity to experience America’s industrial past. 

After many years of inactivity, the East Broad Top has been purchased by a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation. With strong backing from prominent rail-industry leaders, the EBT Foundation will work with the volunteers of the Friends of the East Broad Top and the Rockhill Trolley Museum to return our Baldwin-built steam locomotives to operating condition and to continue stabilizing the railroad’s historic buildings. After nearly two years of restoration, we are proud to once again offer train rides, immersive guided tours, special events and so much more. The Foundation is especially grateful to the Kovalchick family for having preserved this National Historic Landmark since 1956, and to the employees, volunteers, and fans whose enthusiasm makes this monumental undertaking worthwhile.

February 18th & 19th

2023 Winter Spectacular

Join us for a weekend of unique winter railroading!
April 1st & 2nd

Easter at the E.B.T

Enjoy a scenic train excursion, an easter egg hunt, and a visit from the Easter Bunny!

EBT Goes to War!

Immerse yourself in America's war history through a Living History timeline of recreated encampments and storytelling!

Orbisonia Antique Power Show

Walk through displays and demonstrations of steam traction engines, tractors, and more!

First Responder's Day

Help the EBT say thank you to our local emergency services!

Ragtime at the Railraoad

America's most unique Railroad Ragtime Festival!

FEBT Fall Reunion

Celebrate the Friends!

PEANUTS™ The Great Pumpkin Patch Express

Join Charlie Brown and Snoopy on a ride to the Sincere Pumpkin Patch!

Christmas In Coal Country

Celebrate the holiday season in 'retro style' with a train ride to meet Santa and an electric trolley ride through a dazzling light display!

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Browse our wide collection of East Broad Top apparel, hats, toys, and memorabilia!

The Only Original Narrow Gauge Railroad East of the Rocky Mountains!

Your visit helps us preserve one of Pennsylvania’s most important industrial heritage sites.

150 years ago the East Broad Top was among the earliest railroads in America to try a revolutionary new technology: narrow gauge. Today it is the oldest narrow-gauge railroad anywhere in the United States, and the last narrow gauge common carrier east of the Rocky Mountains. Nestled in the heart of Central Pennsylvania, the EBT stands as a monument to early railroading and our industrial heritage. 

When the EBT suspended freight service in 1956, its crews simply went home, leaving a time capsule that the Smithsonian has described as one of the most intact 19th-century industrial sites in the country. Saved from scrapping by the Kovalchick family, the EBT was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1964. 

Historical Background train rides


Experience an immersive guided tour of our remarkably intact 20th Century shop complex.

Railroad History

Learn more about the EBT’s 150 years of railroad and industrial history.

Equipment Roster

Explore the railroad’s unique roster of steam locomotives, gas motors, and rolling stock.

The EBT Foundation

Get to know the people and the vision behind the revitalization of the East Broad Top Railroad. 
Dave Shellenbarger
May 19, 2022.
Missed the last train, but visited the trolley next door. Both are historic and entertaining.
Earl Smith
April 21, 2022.
I have lived around this treasure since I was a child, I actually was there 4/20 meeting Doug Mastriano, and Teddy Daniel's. The news of the EBT reopening was wonderful. There's so much history there and it brings so much to the local communities.
Danah Craft
February 19, 2022.
Special behind the scenes roundhouse and shop tour with train rides through the day. Worth the trip!
Janet Richey
February 13, 2022.
There's a great deal that this place has to offer, and I have a feeling that they're just getting started. You can see it in the attention to detail. You can feel it in the enthusiasm of every volunteer or staff I came in contact with. For $20 we got a 7 mile round trip train ride that lasted about 40 minutes. There wasn't a great presentation on the history or the railroad, which made it easier to just enjoy the scenery. For another $10 we got the trolley ride that was 4 miles round trip, that lasted 45 minutes, which included a history lesson on the trolley, but also on the iron that was once produced in that region. Pay close attention to the beautiful woodwork in these trolley cars. They capture the imagination. While the EBT railroad station has been restored to it's original glory with such attention to detail, and it's gift shop had fun, relatively inexpensive souvenirs and was big enough without being overwhelming, the trolley gift shop was more of a book store, and could use some polishing. But the thing about this place is that there is so much to explore, and we didn't know how to go about it. It has this incredible roundhouse that screamed to be explored. While it's not fair to compare this place to the likes of The Strasburg Railroad, or Steamtown National Historical Site in Scranton, it has the buildings, the history and the infrastructure solidly in place. I see this is as the little engine who CAN, and will.
Gene Hockenberry
January 25, 2022.
I have lived here all my life--with in a stone's throw of the station. It is a trip back in time for all ages. To ride on the open car or on the trolley, whisks you back to yester year when times were simpler and the hussle bussle of everyday life was a bit slower! A family must for those who want to experience a time gone by--but rescued and brought back to life!
brian somers
January 20, 2022.
Absolutely one of my favorite places glad to see some monies and time being put into this ...can't wait to see the first steam Engine running again and tour the grounds

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